LowCode Platform — how to reduce the time needed to create software …

Development of the information systems can be very expensive. It takes a lot of time and money. Companies constantly looking for solutions that will help them to create and implement applications and systems in less time and at lower budget.

Low-code tools and platforms have been developed in order to help individuals with basic technical knowledge to create fully functional applications or even more complex IT systems.

This technology is known under following different names:
• Low-Code applications developement
• RAD (Rapid Application Developement ),
this is essentially a set of tools, that makes development of applications or advanced IT systems faster and more productive.

So are these tools / platforms really as revolutionary as the suppliers promise ? Can they really speed up the creation of applications?

In this article I want to focus only on LowCode platforms used to build business systems and IT applications.

Let’s take a closer look at Low-Code and its biggest advantages:

1. Faster “time to market”

One of the biggest advantages offered by the LowCode platform is that they allow much faster application deployment than any other form of application development. In traditional model of development, production process of an IT system can take between 3 to 12 months However LowCode platforms makes it possible to shorten this to several months, or even weeks.
This is mainly due to two main features — visual tools and an integrated application platform. Instead of manually writing a large amount of code, LowCode platforms have a ready-made framework that can be used by anyone with basic programming knowledge . A rich system of UI libraries, logic and database support allows more productive applications development.

2. Increased speed of application development

LowCode platforms allow release of the new software versions much faster than traditional programming. They help to create MVP in a very short time and are ready to get feedback directly from users . Changes and improvements can be made in near real time — without waiting for weeks until prototypes will be ready for testing by the user.
By using LowCode technology, the software upgrades become faster and the production process is very agile, which fundamentally changes the way companies perceive it.

3. Increased involvement and satisfaction of customers

Due to fast and efficient work with such platforms, subsequent releases of the produced software allow the customers to get acquainted with new functionalities quickly. This enables almost ongoing consultation and implementation of changes in the IT system. Additionally it moves to a highly engaging process, which, by shortening the time needed for subsequent releases, gives the customers a sense of influence on the final scope of the implemented solution.

4 . Easy maintenance and updating

One of the great advantages of applications developed in LowCode class tools is that they are much easier to maintain and update. This is because these platforms often have built-in mechanisms for software updates.

As you can see, the benefits are essential and the LowCode approach seems to have its well-deserved place in software development.

However, it should be remembered that every tool is based on certain assumptions. Not the tool itself is the most important but its overall concept. When choosing a particular platform, the most important thing is to thoroughly understand the assumptions that guided its creators. Only then can a specific user correctly and fully start to effectively use the capabilities of the LowCode platform.

Piotr Moczulski — Business Manager of 4EVOLVE Systems. Co-creator a LowCode platform for creating a new type of applications and business systems — Flexmark Platform.
More information: www.4evolve.com



Low Code Software Development Productivity Tools for creating new kind of Rich Internet Applications

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4EVOLVE Systems

4EVOLVE Systems

Low Code Software Development Productivity Tools for creating new kind of Rich Internet Applications